Become a Certified Hypnotherapist and Design Your Dream Life with the 

A 2-Week Live Intensive Training Program

with Sean Wheeler

Already know you want in?

The ultimate life well lived: getting paid to help people overcome their toughest challenges, fast.
For years, people asked me to train them in my unique brand of hypnosis. 

They wanted help not only learning the exact techniques that got them transformation in their own lives, but how to help the people they loved most at the same time. 

They wanted a model of what’s possible - making the income that would set them free AND spending their working hours REALLY making a difference. 

[Let’s face it, seemingly endless hours at a job where the company you work for has a hard time acknowledging you’re a human with needs hardly feels worth the cash most of the time. Even worse (and not uncommon) when the company is yours.]

They wanted a lifeline that would allow them to spend more time with their families, free from the constant stress of overwhelm and exhaustion. 

Where you take so much joy in your profession that you tap-dance to work in the morning and leave at the end of the day feeling fulfilled and excited, with nothing on your mind other than your family and friends or planning your next vacation.
What will becoming a
Pure Hypnosis Certified Hypnotherapist
do for you?

Until the Pure Hypnosis Certification Program, the only way to get hypnosis with me was through private sessions - pricey and in short supply. 

At long last, I cleared space to dream up this training. No fuzzy Zoom sessions, no dense curriculum to fall behind on. 

Just you, learning pure hypnosis, doing your best work ever …and me, giving you feedback in the way I work best: live, in-person, on-the-spot mentorship. In a group. 

Best of all, you’ll learn from someone who’s like you. 

Someone who’s not willing to have anyone else dictate the direction of their lives. 

"I want that, but I don't want to DO that."
Cue the infomercial guy saying, “There’s got to be a better way!”

That’s the thought I had for years. When I walked away from a career in broadcasting and started my hypnosis practice way back in 2003, I did it with intention. After meeting so many clients who had built successful careers and businesses (and even several brushes with reality tv stars), I became very clear on how I would build my business and my life. 

I wanted the glory - especially the money part. But when I looked at what people had done to get it, I thought, “I don’t want to do that.”
  • I didn’t want to spend 2 hours every day in Atlanta traffic commuting
  • ​ I didn’t want to help people through years of go-nowhere talk therapy
  • ​I didn’t want to hire a huge staff of people and be tied to my office 24 hours a day
  • ​I didn’t want to have to figure out how to squeeze all the travel and adventure I wanted to do in 2-3 weeks of vacation that some company decided I was allowed to have
  • ​I didn’t want to drop my daughter in a public school system and have someone else raise her for most of the hours a day she was awake
I didn’t want to do any of the things you’re “supposed to do”, really. (A good clue why the corporate world wasn’t a good fit for me.)

I didn’t want to be another rat in the race, so to speak. You know, the people who are sad and angry and exhausted and overwhelmed? And also, unintentionally, (because they are having such a hard time) contributors to the problem. I wanted to be the solution. And get paid for it. 

I wondered if there was anyone out there built like me - a driven, curious, rebel, who feels it's their mission in life to help those who help themselves and doesn’t believe everything that’s spoon fed to them - but who is nevertheless, genuinely fulfilled and doing life right?
If that's how you feel now, you're in the exact right place.
You might have noticed that I:
  • Raise my prices frequently (from $200 to $300 to $400 to $800 per hour…and now, $1,000 an hour, and they’ll be going up again)
  • ​Take clients only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday so I can have family days on Tuesday and Thursday, take my wife out on swanky date nights during the week, and have Sunday to do any other thing I want
  • ​Schedule my hours intentionally to COMPLETELY avoid morning traffic
  • Have a high standard for the clients I will accept - only people chomping at the bit to create real change in their lives
  • ​Take 6-8 weeks of vacation per year - spending weeks in places like the Florida coast, France, Switzerland, and Montana
  • ​“Get away” with being completely myself by using the stories from my own life to effect maximum change for the people who are ready for it
And it’s all without being a rule follower or letting someone else dictate how I should help people or live my life. 

And, I’ve never done things the way you’re supposed to. Take this entire training. I didn’t follow any of the self-proclaimed “governing bodies” of hypnosis (because there’s no such thing) guidelines to create this. They use insanely outdated techniques and arbitrary multiple hundreds of hours of requirement, something I’ve found to be completely useless. I went out on a limb with the goal of creating the most effective hypnotherapists out there. 

Because I imagine, that’s what you would want, too. And, as you’ll see in a few moments, I think I succeeded.  
Let’s face it. 
If you’re here, you already know you’re interested.

(Hint: That’s probably because you’ve been a client or followed along with my emails so you know how powerful (and FAST!) hypnotherapy truly is.

That said, if you want to make sure you’re in the right place, this is perfect if you’re:

  • Someone who cares deeply about helping people live their best lives
  • ​Coachable (willing to learn new things and accept you might not have all the answers)
  • ​Willing and able to invest the time and resources required to become an effective hypnotherapist
 And you want to:

Know how to practice hypnosis easily and reliably - building a mountain of trust, connection and success that allows you to raise your prices and have people still asking, “when is your next availability?”


Be able to say “I can help with that” with pretty much every challenge under the sun - smoking cessation, nail biting, weight loss, depression, stress, anxiety, heartbreak, a whole myriad of things.


Become the YOU that you have always wanted to be, confident, relaxed and ready to take on the world (that’s what happens when you spend two weeks receiving and facilitating next level hypnosis sessions)


Figure your life out. Like, what could it look like if you spent your days doing all the things you love, instead of all the stuff you hate?


Become so obsessed with hypnosis, you can’t NOT do it


Find out how to work your seemingly random, disconnected stories and experiences in your life (the things you’d tell your friends) into your sessions in a way that strikes a chord with your clients and helps them heal from past trauma for good


Set boundaries that create beautiful, soothing white space all over your calendar - while still making the income you need to live the way you want. (I use that time to edit vacation videos or spend quality time with my family. That’s part of the beauty, you choose! Design your life the way you are ready to live!


Step out of the shadows and finally be known for the superpower you’ve had all along.

Here's the deal:

I'm taking up to 20 people for

October 17th-21st 2022; October 24th-28th 2022

There is a weekend break in between. You can pretend that you’re just doing a normal work week for two weeks. Except once it’s over, you’ll have undergone a massive transformation, ready to start your own time-freeing hypnotherapy practice and be able to command a starting rate of MINIMUM $200 an hour. 

(Best couple of weeks ever, IMHO.) 

This means me training you, guiding your success and PERSONALLY helping you wherever you need help, live, in person and in real time. 

 What’s so great about a live, in-person training?
I personally go to live in-person trainings at least every year. Why? Because I believe it is the best way to learn something, hands down. They’re my favorite thing to participate in, as facilitator or as trainee.

It’s just hard to beat being in the room with the person you’re learning from so that you get to see it all, not just some polished afterproduct someone has put together. I’ve also found that I often learn just as much from getting to experience firsthand other people’s approaches and techniques as I do from the training. 

Every training session, ideas for my own business or ways to enhance my techniques start firing like crazy. Every time, I come back re-energized, ready to deliver even better and more to my clients. 

In a setting like this, you get to see the genius of the other people in group. And, by that equation, they see yours. 

Fruitful, profitable connections come out of these things.


  • 2 week, 80 hour Pure Hypnosis Training intensive October 17th - 21st 2022; October 24th - 28th 2022
  • Pure Hypnosis Institute Certification (upon program completion)
  • The Pure Hypnosis Business Accelerator Training
  • ​12 Weekly, Post-Training Follow Up Support Sessions (attendance optional)
  • ​Insider "7 Figure" Wisdom
  • ​​The Pure Hypnosis Certification Program Facebook Group
  • ​BONUS: The Opportunity to Be Considered for Apprenticeship
  • ​BONUS: The 12 Secret Scripts from Sean's Most Successful Sessions
  • ​BONUS: Access to all current Pure Hypnosis programs + downloads

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12 payments of $700
(30 days between payments)
2 week, 80 hour Pure Hypnosis Training Intensive
October 17th-21st 2022; October 24th-28th 2022

(Starting at 8:30am and ending at 5pm ish Monday-Friday with an hour lunch break)

​Where you’ll be able to learn (and practice!) my exact methodology that is the foundation of my seven figure business. I’m pulling back the curtain on everything I know and use in my hypnosis practice and sharing it all with you!


Knowing exactly what to ask to INSTANTLY DISCOVER the root cause of your client’s problem (even if they came to you for something completely different)


How to engineer the perfect hypnotic environment for delivering MASSIVELY IMPACTFUL suggestions


The exact steps to take to turn your client’s amazing results into perfect CLARION CALLS to future clients who need your help

The Pure Hypnosis Business Accelerator Training
Wanna borrow my marketer? Here’s where I’ll show you everything I’m currently doing in my business to get it where it is today AND have my marketer share a beginner strategy that’s easy to implement and will skyrocket your growth.
12 Weekly, Post-Training Follow Up Support Sessions
Once you’ve completed your certification training, where do you go from there? Every week we’ll get on a call and get your most burning questions answered about everything from specific techniques to setting up your business so you can be sure you’re fully supported in your new practice.
Insider “7 Figure” Wisdom
Exclusive insights and wisdom created specifically for my Certification trainees. Like what? Well, that would ruin the surprise. But let’s just say, they’ll be of the “How did I get up every morning without knowing this before?” variety.
The Pure Hypnosis Certification Program Facebook Group
So you can connect with your fellow students AND alumni, make connections and stay on top of announcements. Sometimes, it’s easier to remember and keep engaging when it pops up on Facebook.
This is the part where I say, “But wait! There’s more!” 

Which kind of works out because there IS more.

The Opportunity to Be Considered for Apprenticeship
As my calendar books out 3 months+ in advance, I’ll be on the lookout for a few perfect fit students whom I can refer overflow clients to. This is in no way a guarantee of any kind, but I have already sent out several referrals to a couple of students from the last round. This opportunity is ONLY available to Pure Hypnosis Certification Program grads.
The 12 Secret Scripts from my Most Successful Sessions
A behind-the-scenes, here’s exactly what to say to get stellar results right out of the gate - follow these scripts and you’ll be light years ahead of other hypnotherapists that have been practicing for years
PLUS… Access to Every Course and Download in my Store!
(an almost $2,000 value!)
You heard right. What better way to equip the future best hypnotherapists in the country than to give them direct access to all the programs and content I've created to get people results for some of their toughest problems?
You can even see how fast the students from last round developed real competence and confidence in their hypnotherapy skills!
Last Day of Training: Arno
90 Days Later: Arno
Last Day of Training: Tara
90 Days Later: Tara
Last Day of Training: Laura
90 Days Later: Laura
Last Day of Training: Dani
90 Days Later: Dani

My goal is for you to... 

  • Become a world class hypnotherapist, doing work that makes you feel like you are alive, engaged and contributing something important to society
  • ​Tap into your inherent talent that has been waiting to be unleashed
  • ​Get emails from clients saying “You are an incredible blessing in my life.” (It's an amazing feeling)
  • ​Charge rates that allow you to live the life you’ve always wanted - without having to burn the candle at both ends to do it
  • ​Say to me, “I can’t believe this is what I do for a living now!”
  • ​Have this be the year people tell you, “You’re on FIRE!” – and for you to agree

Here’s the only question that matters:
What are you waiting for?
Enough telling yourself “maybe next year”. You said that last year.
And what has changed?

You don’t need someone else’s permission or approval. 

You need to quiet the noise around you and listen deeply to yourself. 

Are you ready to live up to your true potential? Are you ready to live the life of purpose and do the real work that has been calling to you?

If so, this is the only way to get trained directly by me. The guy who has built a million dollar business as a hypnotherapist and has FLAWLESS 5 star reviews on Google.

As you may have noticed, I regularly raise my prices. This round will sell out and the next round will cost more. That is, if there is a next round. 

If you want in, do it this round. You’ll get in for the lowest possible investment and will be fast on your way to transforming your life. 

Action inspires more action. So let’s get it done! 


  • 2 week, 80 hour Pure Hypnosis Training intensive October 17th - 21st 2022; October 24th - 28th 2022
  • Pure Hypnosis Institute Certification (upon program completion)
  • The Pure Hypnosis Business Accelerator Training
  • ​12 Weekly, Post-Training Follow Up Support Sessions (attendance optional)
  • ​Insider "7 Figure" Wisdom
  • ​​The Pure Hypnosis Certification Program Facebook Group
  • ​BONUS: The Opportunity to Be Considered for Apprenticeship
  • ​BONUS: The 12 Secret Scripts from Sean's Most Successful Sessions
  • ​BONUS: Access to all current Pure Hypnosis programs + downloads

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12 payments of $700
(30 days between payments)
And now for some very important words from a very smart girl:
What’s the cost to invest?
The cost to invest in the Pure Hypnosis Certification Program is $7,000 or 12 monthly payments of $700.
When is the training?
The training takes place over the course of two weeks with a two day break (the weekend) in between.

The first week starts October 17, 2022 and goes to October 21, 2022.

The second week starts October 24, 2022 and ends October 28, 2022.
Where does the training take place?
The training will take place in person in Atlanta, GA. I am currently choosing among specific event spaces but all are within Atlanta and local to my office in Buckhead.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Absolutely not. I am a firm believer in putting skin in the game to get results. I’m bringing my A-game and will share everything I’ve learned and developed from almost 20 years in running a successful, lucrative practice but you have to bring your commitment to creating your own success.
Will I actually be able to hypnotize someone at the conclusion of training?
YES. Every one of my students from the inaugural round of our training program stated they felt 100% comfortable hypnotizing anyone at the completion of their training. Most of my students felt competent within the first couple of days!
I’m still working through some of my own issues, how can I possibly help other people if I still haven’t resolved all my own?
You don’t have to be perfect in order to help others. Do you think every therapist you’ve ever met is problem free? But you make a good point, which is that we do need to do some work on ourselves before effectively helping others with specific issues. During the training (and with my provided resources), you’re not just learning how to help others; you’re learning first how to help yourself. Then you pass that knowledge on to your clients.
Can I use what I learn to help my family/friends?
Definitely! In fact, most of my students immediately began to practice hypnosis on whoever in their lives was open to it. Because you are simply using the tools I give you to help your client (or family member) to heal the issue in whatever way they unconsciously know is best, it doesn’t require dredging up things from the past or other situations that might make them uncomfortable.
What if I have never been hypnotized before?
This is kind of a funny question because EVERYONE goes through varying degrees of hypnosis every day. Ever do something on “autopilot”? That’s actually a state of hypnosis. Even if you find it now a little difficult to go into a hypnotic or meditative state, you will very quickly adjust using our methods.
I’ve seen a lot of hypnosis training programs out there that cost less, why would I choose to be Pure Hypnosis Certified instead?
Here’s the thing with a lot of the hypnosis training programs out there:

In most cases, students get very little direct interaction with the trainer personally and have to suffer very large class sizes (hence the lower cost as well) which means less attention for each student. You’re often standing in a crowd of 100+ people, watching the trainer hypnotize someone else from the stage. That doesn’t set you up for success to confidently start your own practice.

What sets my training apart is that you will be in the room with me, with a smaller group of fellow students, and you’ll get direct interaction from me personally. When you do exercises with your classmates, I’ll be there to give you notes and instruction. It’s very likely that every student will get hypnotized by me personally during training demonstrations. And that’s what helps you to become competent.
If I don’t get one of the apprentice spots, why should I still invest in the training?
Right now, I’m working on building a referral program.

Every week, I have tons of potential clients who can’t afford my services and no one to refer them to.

Once my referral program is built, people who are unable to book directly with me, will be able to choose a hypnotherapist from my certified student list. This is better direct marketing than you’ll find available anywhere else.

What might that mean for you?

Here’s my story for context:

Way back in 2003, I spent $3k on my training. That was more than I earned in a month at my job at the time.

The first year I went full-time as a hypnotherapist, I was making $3k a month (with no marketing knowledge).

Two years later, I was making $3k a week.

Now, I earn that in 3 hours of work.

In the Business Accelerator portion of the training, I will be sharing with you exactly how I built a million dollar business so you can set yourself up for success fast, no apprenticeship needed.

I’m training you not just to be a successful hypnotherapist but also a successful business owner.
Ready to invest in yourself?
 2022 - All Rights Reserved, PureHypnosis
Disclaimer: The stories featured on this website are true and specific feedback from actual clients. As with all successful therapeutic interactions, the individuals have cooperated fully and are ultimately responsible for their own success. Results naturally vary from client to client. 

The Pure Hypnosis Certification Program is not a shiny object, a magic bullet, a secret sauce, a quick win, an infallible formula, or anything that remotely resembles magic or getting rich quick. For most of you, it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. I’ll share all of my expertise, resources, energy, and experience that I’ve developed over the course of the last 18 years but it’s 100% up to you to show up and do the work.

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